More than thirty years ago, the Engelmann family moved from Munich to Tuscany for professional reasons and acquired the house “Casa del Pino” in Colle di Buggiano.

The property, which was built in 1723 as a brickworks with stable, was designed with a lot of dedication, passion and work into a piece of jewelery and offered the family a home for a long time.

The idea of transforming the property into a bed and breakfast arose when the life paths of the daughters moved in other directions and the “Casa del Pino” became too big for Tina & Rainer Engelmann. A sale was never an option, the property should be continued, lived and shared with others – this was the birth of the “B&B – Casa del Pino”

Since then, Tina & Rainer have been the owners of the “Casa del Pino”. The daughter Janaina and her husband Marek have successfully run the “B&B – Casa del Pino” as loving hosts for many years

Following the philosophy of letting our guests share in the beauties of Tuscany, along with the wonderful landscape and culture, the regional culinary specialties as well as the friendly and serene way of life of the people, Rodrigo and Ralf, take over the management of the “B&B – Casa del Pino”. Our aim is to offer an exceptional service in a special atmosphere in this wonderful place – a dolce vita at Casa del Pino.

We look forward to seeing you!

Rodrigo & Ralf

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